Here we present our experiences from a daylong geological field work around Kolar Gold Field (KGF) organized by Prof. Kusala Rajendran on 7th May 2010. Our 13 member team was received by Dr. Biju John and Mr. Kotnise, scientists from National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM) and they guided us to different locations around KGF. Also we visited the NIRM, listened to the talks given by the NIRM scientists. In the following section, we briefly describe our experiences in the field.

The team

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Field Map



Geological excursion around the KGF started from a location called Maradihalli near Bangarpet about 90 km east of Bangalore. We examined the Archaean group of rocks, which is among the oldest rock types, mostly comprised of gneisses, schists, banded haematite quartzites, and schists with basic intrusives. We carried out the geological mapping using GPS and clinometer and collected rock specimens for our museum. Dr.C.P. Rajendran participated in our work by continuously asking questions and seeking explanations from us, thus making the field visit a good learning experience.

Location 1

Latitude and Longitude: 12° 58.61' N & 78° 11.52' E
Strike: N45°


Location 2

Latitude and Longitude: 12° 56.81' N, 78° 14.34' E
Dip: 43°
Strike: N20°




Location 3

Latitude and Longitude: 12° 56.74' N & 78° 14.19' E


Location 4

Latitude and Longitude: 12° 54.69' N & 78° 15.78' E