ES 207: Modern concepts in Geology

Course offered during August
Credit: 3:0

Classification of rocks, Geology of southern India: modern concepts, The earth structures and its significance, Shear/suture zones-identification, interpretation and implications, Fluid influence in shear zones, geochemical and geochronological: methods, modern approaches and inferences, modern concepts in using geochemical data, Origin-exhumation-weathering of rocks: element mobility and evolution, linking rocks/mineral chemistry to tectonics with Indian examples.

  1. Principles of Metamorphic Petrology by Ron H. Vernon & Geoffrey Clarke, Cambridge University Press (2008)
  2. Earth as an Evolving Planetary System by Kent C. Condie, Academic Press; 1 edition (2004)
  3. Earth Structure: An Introduction to Structural Geology and Tectonics by Ben A. Van Der Pluijm & Stephen Marshak, W W Norton & Co Inc (Np); 2 edition (2003)
  4. Petrography of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks by Anthony R. Philpotts, Waveland Pr Inc (2003)




Course offered during January
Credit: 3:0

Identification of Minerals and rocks, Applications of petrology in igneous and metamorphic geology, physical and chemical properties of mineral/rocks, chemistry of minerals, application/interpretation of geochemical datasets, thermodynamic applications in metamorphic petrology and its significance.
Fieldwork, Laboratory studies of rocks, identification and interpretation



  1. Field geology of high-grade gneiss terrains By C.W. Passchier, J.S. Myers & A. Kroner,   Springer-Verlag (1990)
  2. Introduction to Optical Mineralogy by William D. Nesse Oxford University Press, USA; 3 edition (2003)
  3. A Practical Guide to Rock Microstructure by Ron H. Vernon, Cambridge University Press (2004)
  4. Using Geochemical Data: Evaluation, Presentation, Interpretation by Hugh R. Rollinson, Longman Publishing Group (1993)






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