• Petrological microscope with digital imaging facility and heating freezing stage for fluid (MD-600) and melt (TS1500) inclusion studies
  • High-end Stereo microscope with fluorescent lighting
  • Petrological microscope with digital imaging facility
  • Petrological microscopes and Stereo microscopes
  • Multihead Petrological microscope for teaching


Funded By: MoES project :MoES/ATMOS/PP-IX/09


  • Rock-Cutter Rock
  • grinder
  • Semi-automatic Rotopol grinder-diamond-polishing
  • Hot-plates
  • Discoplan-TS
  • Petrological microscope


Funded By: 11th Plan-IISc Startup, MoES project :MoES/ATMOS/PP-IX/09


  • Isodynamic magnetic separator for mineral separation
  • Jaw-crusher for rock crushing
  • Ball mill for rock powdering

Funded By: MoES project :MoES/ATMOS/PP-IX/09


  • Sieves and Sieve Vibratory shaker
  • Microbalance
  • Hot-plates
  • Freeze drier
  • Ultrasonic bath and other cleaning accessories


Funded By: MoES project :MoES/ATMOS/PP-IX/09




  • Thermal demagnetizer
  • AF Demagnetizer
  • Spinner magnetometer


Funded By: IISc-11th Plan


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