PhD James Cook University, Australia
Joined IISc September, 2010
PhD Title Generation of Granitic Magmas in the Lower Crust: A Natural Example from Mt Daniel; Fiordland, New-Zealand
Research Interests:

  • How and where the granitic magmas formed?
  • Are granitic plutons simply upper crustal phenomena, resulting from assembly of melt increments from the lower crust?
  • Are those melt increments mixed in the lower crust or does that mixing occur in upper crustal reservoirs where mafic and silicic magmas possibly interact?
  • Understanding of lower crustal processes by mainly using Lu-Hf isotopes in zircon

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PhD Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India
@ IISc May, 2010-December 2010



PhD Title:
Greenstone metamorphism, geochemistry, ore mineralogy and fluid evolution of the granitoid-hosted gold mineralization at Jonnagiri, eastern Dharwar Craton

Research Interests:

  • Genetic modeling of orogenic gold deposits by integrated studies of structure, metamorphism, geochemistry, ore mineralogy and fluid evolution
  • Genesis of barite vein deposits: Characterization of ore deposit environments
  • Understanding the link between craton scale metallogeny and tectonothermal events.
  • Investigation of the ore fluid localization and enrichment of metals.


Significant publications:

Saravanan CS, Mishra B, Jairam MS (2009) P-T conditions of mineralization in the Jonnagiri granitoid-hosted gold deposit, eastern Dharwar Craton, southern India: Constraints from fluid inclusions and chlorite thermometry, Ore Geology Reviews, 36: 333-349

Saravanan CS, Mishra B (2009) Uniformity in sulfur isotope composition in the orogenic gold deposits from the Dharwar Craton, Mineralium Deposita, 44: 597–605

Mishra B, Saravanan CS, Bhattacharya A, Goon S, Mahato S, Bernhardt HJ (2007) Implications of super dense carbonic and hypersaline fluid inclusions in granites from the Ranchi area, Chottanagpur Gneissic Complex, Eastern India. Gondwana Research 11: 504–515


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