On-going Research Projects


  • Research, Education, and Manpower Development in the Discipline of Earth Processes. Funding Agency (MoES); AG Menon, (Coordinator), Kusala Rajendran (PI), Prosenjit Ghosh (PI,) Sajeev Krishnan (PI), D. Nagesh Kumar (PI) (2009-2014).


  • Mineralogical and leaching studies for the recovery of uranium, niobium and REE values from Rasimalai alkali syenite pluton, Tamil Nadu, India Funding Agency: (BRNS); S Subramanian (PI), Sajeev Krishnan (Co-PI), RJ Deshpande (Co-PI)and S Thangavel (Co-PI) (2011-2014).


  • Characterization of the seismic cycle in the central Himalayan Seismic gap using precise U-Th dating of deformed Speleothems. Funding Agency: Indo-Australian Science and Technology Fund/DST. Kusala Rajendran(PI), Mike Sandiford(PI), CP Rajendran(CI), Sajeev Krishnan(CI) (2011-2013).


  • Paleo-geographic reconstruction: Development of a new GIS based methodology. Funding Agency STC-ISRO; Sajeev Krishnan (PI) Rajesh VJ (CI) (2012-2015).


  • Petrographical, Chemical and Computational Studies on Concrete at High Temperature Funding Agency: BRNS CRP on Uncertainty Analysis & Management. Sajeev Krishnan (PI), Ananth Ramasawami (CI) and CS Manohar (CI) (2012-2015).


  • Stochastic Modeling of Hydration Process in Concrete: Investigation into Creep and Shrinkage. Funding Agency: BRNS CRP on Uncertainty Analysis & Management. Ananth Ramasawami (PI), Sajeev Krishnan (CI) and CS Manohar (CI) (2012-2015).


  • Iron Formations and its associates: An inquisition to early earth dynamics Funding Agency: DST; Sajeev Krishnan (PI) (2013-2016).


  • Geological linkage between southern India and Antarctica: A Probe on crustal processes from Archaean to Proterozoic Funding Agency: DST-JSPS Joint Research Project. Sajeev Krishnan (PI) and Tomokazu Hokada (PI) (2013-2015).


  • High-temperature lower crust of East Central Gondwana: Emphases to southern Indian and Sri Lankan Geology. Funding Agency: Indian-Sri Lankan Inter-Governmental Science & Technology Cooperation Programme. Sajeev Krishnan (PI) and Sanjeewa P.K. Malaviarachchi (PI) (2013-2015).


Host for C V Raman International Fellowship for African Researchers 2012. Funding agency: DST- FICCI.  Fellowship to Prof. Razakamanana Théodore, Université de Toliara, Madagascar



Completed  Research projects:

  1. Mapping of shear/suture zones in southern India with remote sensing and geological applications. Funding Agency: STC-ISRO; Sajeev Krishnan (PI) (2009-2012) (Completed)
  2. Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) in India: implementation and applications. Agency (DST); To conduct a workshop on the topic. (Completed)

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