Papers (Articles):
A. International (SCI) Journals


Year 2013:


38. Ishwar-Kumar, C., Windley, B. F.,  Horie,  K., Kato , T. Hokada , T. Itaya, T., Yagi, K., Gouzu, C.  and Sajeev,  K. (2013) A Rodinian suture in western India: New insights on India-Madagascar correlations. Precambrian Research 236, 227-251.
37. Banerjee, A., Bhattacharya, S., Sajeev, K., and M. Santosh (2013) Numerical simulations of CO2 migration during charnockite genesis. Geology (in press) doi:10.1130/G34129.1
36. Sajeev, K., Windley, B. F., Hegner, E. and Komiya, T. (2012) High-temperature, high-pressure granulites (retrogressed eclogites) in the central region of the Lewisian, NW Scotland: crustal-scale subduction in the NeoArchaean. Gondwana Research,  23, 526-538
35. Dharma Rao, C.V., Santosh, M., Sajeev, K., Windley B.F. (2012) Chromite–silicate chemistry of the NeoArchaean Sittampundi Complex, southern India: Implications for subduction-related arc magmatism Precambrian Research 227, 259-275.


Year 2012:

34. Belyanin, G., Rajesh, H.M., Sajeev, K., & van Reenen, D.D. (2012) Orthopyroxene+sillimanite predating sapphirine+quartz: A rare case of  ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism from the Central Zone, Limpopo Complex, South Africa. The Canadian Mineralogist 50, 1153-1163
33. Shazia, J.R., M. Santosh, M., Sajeev, K., (2012) Peraluminous sapphirine-cordierite pods in Mg-rich orthopyroxene granulite from southern India: Implications for lower crustal processes. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 58, 88-97.
32. Belyanin, G., Rajesh, H.M., Sajeev, K., & van Reenen, D.D. (2012) Ultrahigh temperature metamorphism from an unusual corundum+orthopyroxene intergrowth bearing Al-Mg granulite from the Southern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Complex, South Africa. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 164, 457-475.


Year 2011:

31.Thanh, N.X., Sajeev, K., Itaya, T., Windley, B.F. (2011) Multiple garnet growth in garnet–kyanite–staurolite gneiss, Pangong metamorphic complex, Ladakh Himalaya: New constraints on tectonic setting. Lithos, 127, 552-563.


Year 2010:

30. Sajeev, K., Williams, I.S., & Osanai, Y. (2010) Sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe U-Pb dating of prograde and retrograde ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism as exemplified by Sri Lankan granulites. Geology 11, 971-974.
29. Sajeev, K., Kawai, T., Omori, S., Windley, B.F., & Maruyama S.(2010) P-T evolution of Glenelg eclogites, NW Scotland: Did they experience ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism? Lithos 114, 473-489.
28. Sajeev, K., Jeong. J., Kwon, S., Kee, W-S., Kim. S.W., Komiya , T., Itaya, T., Jung, H-S., & Park, Y. (2010) High P-T granulite relicts from the Imjingang belt, South Korea: tectonic significance. Gondwana Research 17, 75-86.
27. Nakano, N., Osanai, Y., Sajeev, K., Hayasaka, Y., Miyamoto, T., Minh, N. T., Owada, M. & Windley B.F. (2010) Triassic eclogite from northern Vietnam: inferences and geological significance. Journal of Metamorphic Geology 28, 59-76.

Year 2009:

26.Sajeev, K., Windley, B.F., Connolly J.A.D., & Kon Y. (2009) Retrogressed eclogite (20 kbar, 1020ºC) from the Neoproterozoic Palghat-Cauvery suture zone, southern India.  Precambrian Research v. 171, p. 23-36.
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23. Kwon, S., Sajeev, K., Mitra, G., Park, Y., Kim, S.W., & Ryu, I-C. (2009) Evidence for Permo-Triassic collision in Far East Asia: The Korean collisional orogen. Earth and Planetary Science Letters v.279, p. 340-349.
22. Thanh, N.X., Itaya T., Sajeev, K., Ahmad, T., Kojuma, S., Ohtani, T., & Ehiro, M. (2009) K-Ar ages of biotite and muscovite from Pangong metamorphic complex, Shyok suture zone, India, Implications for the youngest post-collision metamorphic event in Ladakh Hymalaya. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences (JMPS) v.104, p. 188-191.

Year 2007:

21. Sajeev, K., Osanai, Y., Connolly, J.A.D., Suzuki, S. Ishioka, J., Kagami H.  & Rino S. (2007) Extreme Crustal Metamorphism during a Neoproterozoic Event in Sri Lanka: A Study of Dry Mafic Granulites. Journal of Geology v. 115, p. 563–582.
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Year 2006 :

19.Sajeev, K., Santosh, M. & Kim, H.S. (2006) Partial melting and P-T evolution of the Kodaikanal Metapelite Belt, southern India. Lithos v. 92, p. 465-483.
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14. Kim, S W., Oh, C.W., Ryu, I. C., Williams, I. S., Sajeev, K., Santosh, M. & Rajesh V. J. (2006) Neoproterozoic bimodal volcanism in the Okcheon Belt, South Korea, and its comparison with the Nanhua Rift, South China: implications for rifting in Rodinia. Journal of Geologyv. 114, p. 717-73.
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Year 2005

12.Sajeev, K. & Osanai, Y. (2005) Thermal gradients in the Sri Lankan granulite terrane:a garnet–biotite thermometric approach. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, v. 23,p. 383–397 Impact Factor 3.418.
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Year 2004

10. Sajeev, K. & Osanai, Y. (2004) Ultrahigh-temperature Metamorphism (1150° C and 12 kbar) and Multi-stage Evolution of Mg-Al Granulites from Central Highland Complex, Sri Lanka, Journal of Petrology, v. 45, p. 1821-1844.
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8. Sajeev, K. & Osanai, Y. (2004) 'Osumilite' and 'spinel+quartz' from Highland Complex, Sri Lanka: a case of cooling and decompression after ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences (JMPS), v.99, p. 320-327.
7. Tamashiro, I., Santosh, M., Sajeev, K., Morimoto, T. & Tsunogae, T. (2004) Multistage orthopyroxene formation  in ultrahigh-temperature granulites of Ganguvarpatti, southern India: implication for complex metamorphic evolution during Gondwana assembly. Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences (JMPS), v.99, p.279-297.

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B. International (non-SCI) Journals:

4. Sajeev, K., Osanai, Y., Suzuki. S. & Kagami, H. (2003). Geochronological evidence for multistage-metamorphic events in ultrahigh-temperature granulites from central Highland Complex, Sri Lanka. Polar Geosciences. v. 16, 138-149.
3.Shabeer, K. P., Sajeev, K., Okudaira, T. & Santosh, M. (2002) Two stage spinel generation in the high-grade metapelites of central Kerala Khondalite Belt: Implication for prograde P-T path. Journal of Geosciences, Osaka city university. v. 45 p. 29-43.

C. Local Journals:

2.Sajeev, K. & Osanai, Y. (2003) Geology of high- to ultrahigh-temperature granulites from central Madurai block, southern India; with emphasis on the evolution of Grt-Opx-Crd granulite. Okayama University Science Reports, v. 9, p. 1-8.
1. Sajeev, K.  Itaya, T.& Santosh, M. (2006) Geology of southern Indian Granulite Terrane: A preliminary report of the 2005 field survey. Okayama University of Science, Science Reports, v. 31 p. 9-16.


Edited thematic Issue in International (SCI) Journal

Year 2008
1. Itaya, T., Sajeev, K., Clark, C. & Kusak, M. (2008) Micro-chronology and Evolution of the planet Earth. Gondwana Research v.14, n 4, p. 567-700.
Editorial: Micro-chronology and Evolution of the planet Earth p. 567-568.

Year 2006
2. Sajeev, K. & Santosh, M (2006) Extreme crustal metamorphism and related crust-mantle processes. Lithos v. 92 n 3-4, p.321-624.
Editorial: Extreme crustal metamorphism and crust–mantle processes: An introduction, p. v-ix, doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2006.03.048 3. Oh, C.W. Sajeev, K., Kim, S.W. & Santosh, M. (2006) Tectonic Evolution of Korean Peninsula and Adjacent Crustal Fragments in Asia. Gondwana Researchv. 9 n 1-2. p. 19-230.
Editorial: Tectonic evolution of Korean Peninsula and adjacent crustal fragments in Asia: Introduction p. 19-20.



D. International Symposiums / Abstract:

  1. Williams, I.S., Sajeev, K, Trotter JA (2009) Advances in the SHRIMP II ion microprobe and its geological applications. 11th ISMAS-TRICON-2009. Hyderabad
  2. B. Windley, K. Sajeev (2009) Archaean eclogites in the mainland Scourian, and Palaeoproterozoic garnet lherzolites and retrogressed eclogites at Rodel, Outer Hebrides, Scotland; implications for widespread subduction tectonics. Evolution of the Continental Crust. The Janet Watson Meeting, The Geological Society (Burlington House), London.
  3. Thanh, N.X., Sajeev, K. Itaya, T. Tu M.T.(2009) Evolution of garnet-kyanite-staurolite gneiss in Pangong metamorphic complex, Ladakh Himalaya: new insights on tectonic setting. IAGR annual convention, Gondwana to Asia, Vietnam.
  4. Sajeev, K., Kawai T, Omori S, Windley BF, Shibuya T, Sawaki Y Maruyama S (2007) Petrographic re-examinations of Glenelg eclogites: a step towards higher pressures? International Eclogite Field Symposium, Portree, July, P 97.
  5. Sajeev, K. Santosh, M. & Itaya, T. (2006) High Pressure Granulites from the Palghat-Cauvery Shear Zone, Southern India, submitted to Granulites and Granulites 2006, Brasília , Brazil, July, p 76.
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