Shazia Rashid Janwari

Admission August, 2008
PhD Title Heat sourece for UHT metamorphism
Research Interests

Heat source of UHT metamorphism

Petrology and Geochronology of UHT granulites


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Region of Interest: Central Madurai Block, Tamil Nadu


Publication: Shazia, J.R., M. Santosh, M., Sajeev, K., (2012) Peraluminous sapphirine-cordierite pods in Mg-rich orthopyroxene granulite from southern India: Implications for lower crustal processes. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 58, 88-97.


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Admission August, 2009
PhD Title A study on evolution of the Nilagiri Block involving paleoenvironmental reconstruction using in situ weathered as well as sedimentary profiles.
Research Interests

  • My current interest concentrates on studying weathering profiles to look at the weathering reactions.
  • Of special interest are clay mineral assemblages from current soil profiles as well as paleosols for their use in source rock identification and leaching intensities.
  • Peat has the special ability to preserve organic matter without degradation and studies on such profiles with statistically significant numbers will let me reconstruct the past climate from such organisms.
  • Along with peat deposits I want to look into other depositional environments which will reinforce my understanding.

Region of Interest: Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu


Through Ph D in Interdisciplinary Programs (Earth System Science) along with Prof. R. Sukumar (CES)


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georgeGeorge Paul Mathews
Admission August 2009
PhD Title Tectonic evolution of Banded Iron Formation (BIFs) in the granulite terrain of southern India.
Research Interests

  • To understand the source of Iron, the depositional environment and conditions that lead to the formation of Banded Iron Formation (BIF) with the help of isotope geochemistry.
  • To unravel the tectono-metamorphic history of BIF. 
  • To understand the geochronology of various geological processes associated with the evolution of BIF through radiometric dating.

Region of Interest: Namakkal region, Tamil Nadu
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Admission January, 2010
PhD Title Continental reconstruction and Archaean Tectonics
Research Interests

  • Assessing the tectonic scenario for crustal fragments using remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Integration of geochemistry, geochronology, petrology and remote sensing to obtain a better understanding of Paleotectonics with emphasis on continental evolution of Southern India from Archean to Proterozoic.

Region of Interest: Karwar, Coorg (Karnataka) and North Eatern Madagascar


Publications: Ishwar-Kumar, C., Windley, B. F.,  Horie,  K., Kato , T. Hokada , T. Itaya, T., Yagi, K., Gouzu, C.  and Sajeev,  K. (2013) A Rodinian suture in western India: New insights on India-Madagascar correlations. Precambrian Research 236, 227-251.


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Admission August, 2010
PhD Title A study of crustal evolution of southern India through metamorphic effects on magnetic properties of minerals.
Research Interests

  • Magnetism in metamorphic rocks:  Thermal remanent magnetization and

Viscous remanent magnetization.

  • Construction of the Pressure-Temperature (P-T) path of metamorphic reactions through results from petrographic and geochemical analysis.
  • Age determination of associated geological events using radiometric methods.
  • Tectono-metamorphic history of Southern Granulite terrain, India.

Region of Interest: Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu

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Project assistant (MoES)



Project assistant (UG)









Admission August, 2010 (Project Assistent-MoES)
Moved to IIT Kanpur for PhD










Admission August, 2010 (PhD student)
Discontinuied after getting a job at ONGC (December 2010)







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